Sustainability contacts and policies

The world has a limited supply of resources and we at SAGT strongly believe that as a responsible organisation working towards achieving sustainable development goals in Sri Lanka, we should adopt sustainable ways to conserve and retain these scarce resources for future generations. We have integrated sustainability into the very core of our day to day operations focusing on environmental, social and economic elements that are related to our corporation and our stakeholders.

SAGT places a great deal of dedication and diligent effort on Sustainable Development and has specially designed policies to point the organisation in the right direction and to bring productive changes without disrupting the balance in the environment.

SAGT’s Sustainability Policies are as follows,

        1. SAGT will abide by international and local regulatory requirements and conventions in the pursuit of achieving maximum efficiency. Our organisation will set the highest standards of corporate best practice and compliance with integrated sustainable solutions.
        2. The Company will keenly monitor and evaluate the efficiency and impacts of its operations on the environment. This assessment will also include SAGT’s customers, supply chain partners and other stakeholders.
        3. SAGT will be devoted to being transparent and exhibit open communications about its social and environmental practices in addition to its economic performance. We will seek dialogue with our stakeholders in order to contribute to the development of global best practice while promoting the same assurance to transparency and open communication from its partners and customers.
        4. Our organisation committed to being an employer of choice, by providing a secure and safe working environment for our employees where their rights are fully protected and have an equal opportunity to discover their full potential. SAGT also abides by national and international regulations and endeavour to emulate global best practices, seeking continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace
        5. SAGT promotes good human relations with our employees and will strive to improve their quality of life by providing them with better opportunities. We as an organisation value and appreciate peoples’ heritage, ways of life and their cultural norms.