Our Team

Being an organisation that empowers Sri Lanka’s maritime hub aspirations, SAGT has set the benchmark for terminal operations efficiency at the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We have redefined standards and continue to be the pioneers in the maritime industry. Our organisation has been instrumental in positioning the Port of Colombo as the preeminent gateway hub in South Asia. A feat we have accomplished due to the unwavering commitment to excellence by team SAGT.

We strongly believe that our people are the greatest asset and the force that drives SAGT as an organisation towards excellence. Team SAGT is unique; they are optimistic, hardworking and talented. Empowering women is one of our core policies. Our well balanced and close-knit teams exhibit a great deal of dedication and work in unison to achieve the collective goal of our organisation. Together with our exceptional talents and skills, we have become the proud and aspiring organisation we are today.