Vision, Mission and Values


With our best-in-class services and resolute commitment, we are very much passionate to see our customers succeed. SAGT, as a product of a proud and prosperous nation, embodies a vision which empowers Sri Lanka’s maritime hub aspirations – we as a closely-knit team look forward to strengthening our bonds with the rest of the world across the Indian Ocean and beyond. We expect to make this a reality by becoming a crucial body of a strong global network while improving the Sri Lankan economy and as well as its reach the global arena. Our vision is deeply embedded in our core operations and in the minds of our dedicated team which we believe will pave the way to reaching our ultimate goal to be the most trusted gateway in the indian ocean.


In order to fulfill our aspirations, we at SAGT have 4 crucial missions to accomplish as an organisation;


Values are the elements that guide an organisation to excellence and they represent the foundation on which the company was formed. Below are the values, we lived by at SAGT.