South Asia Gateway Terminal, at Queen Elizabeth Quay features state-of-the-art tracking technology and some of the most advanced terminal handling equipment in the world. This combined with the highly skilled and performance driven team produces optimum terminal efficiency, Allowing SAGT to constantly exceed the expectations of the modern commercial shipping industry and achieve excellence.

“Teamwork is the key to the success of an organisation” – we at SAGT, believe working together as a closely-knit team geared towards a collective goal will work wonders. We can also proudly say that is, our hidden driver of excellence.


The terminals at SAGT operates with maximum efficiency to optimise class-leading technologies and innovative operation methods.

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Use of cutting-edge technology is one of the key aspects of our company that has kept us at the very forefront of the South Asian maritime industry.

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We use highly sophisticated equipment for our operations to ensure that we attain maximum terminal efficiency and effective resource allocation.

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