The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is home to a population of 21 million inhabitants. The island nation is strategically placed in the Indian Ocean right at the centre of one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. Located in the southwestern region of the island, the Sri Lanka sea port of Colombo is what makes the country a super-strategic maritime hub and it is also the country’s biggest shipping harbour. The distinctive location of the port attracts shipping lines from all around the globe.

Having a proud maritime history that takes us back in time to over 2500 years, the nation has contributed a lot for maritime expeditions in the ancient times. In the pages of history, it has been stated that the port of Sri Lanka played an active role in building the maritime silk route.

Starting from 1505, the nation was colonised over a period of 400 years and was under the control of the Portuguese, the Dutch and lastly by the British till 1948. Later in the 1970s, the nation’s economy was liberalised and to date, it remains one of the most open in the region of South Asia. With the nation’s infrastructure and the commerce steadfastly developing, a great future lies ahead for the country’s maritime hub aspirations.

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